Welcome to Defangcuit ceramics

In Defangcuit I work with the clay to transform it into utilitarian or artistic pieces that will connect you with yourself. Each piece of ceramic is unique, like each one of us, they are pieces with soul, to be enjoyed ... without haste.

All my work is linked to nature, its cycles, its textures, its colors, unpredictable, harmonious. The earth, water, air, in conjunction with emptiness, flora and ether form these unique pieces.

So with each of my works, you have in your hands all the elements, as well as all my effort, dedication, commitment, love, imagination, courage, joy, sadness, discouragement, acceptance, patience, surprise, courage, delicacy and strength.

My work is the result of the intangible in tangible.

The workshop is an open, diaphanous space, with lots of light, located in a very quiet place and ready to enjoy creative ceramics.

It is a pleasure to be able to show you my work and my career as a ceramist, that you enjoy ...