Defangcuit parts

All the pieces are made by hand and finished in high temperature.

I usually work with basic stoneware or white stoneware.

The techniques used depend on the result we want to obtain, so we will work with plates, churros, squeeze, the lathe, or we will combine several of them.

Each one is expressly designed and created. There may be repetition of some piece, but it will never be the same as another, since when working by hand, each one is special and different from the others, unique pieces.

The process is long, because the pieces have to be well dry before being baked (baked over 980º) so that they take on the right hardness to decorate and glaze them. In a second firing we will give them the final finish. Each cooking lasts about eight hours, and once they are finished we have to wait 48-72 hours to open the oven.

The work behind each project is important, both in terms of shape and textures, color, finishes ... each piece is sketched before starting to work with it. Although we almost always vary some things during their realization, they are living projects that continue on their way and we accompany them ..