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This beautiful project arose from a very interesting proposal for the realization of a large sign for the facade of a hairdresser in Jávea, "Peluquería Verónica".

The visualization of the work before doing it is very important to me, so before starting I study the design of the pieces very thoroughly, to have a concrete idea of ​​the result, although sometimes it takes different nuances along the way. 

I loved the idea of ​​combining different materials from the beginning, clay, wood, maybe iron, were ideas that we had on the table. Always keeping in mind that the facade is rough and we are in an old town, the piece had to stand out without disturbing the surroundings ..

Large measurements for me were one more step, one step forward.

The challenge was important, the distances of the vents and door, their sizes, many distances and measurements to take into account ..

Thanks to the help of friends and collaborators, everything has been easier.

The result has been spectacular, the handmade ceramics, together with the dark wood gives it a lot of character, and gives her an elegant and simple touch.